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Bashasha IoT

Our telematics software provides advanced logistics and asset tracking capabilities that save cost and improve efficiency.

Choose from our AI & IoT Powered Solutions for Personal Vehicles, Fleet, Logistics & Assets

Route Planning & Realtime GPS Tracking

Advanced GPS tracking

Bashasha IoT provides live location and activity monitoring of vehicles and assets, which helps reduce unauthorized use, improve behavior, and enhance dispatch, routing, and visibility.

Personal Vehicle Tracking

Personal vehicle tracking technology allows individuals to keep track of their vehicle's whereabouts in real-time, and can be useful for improving safety, security, and efficiency. With personal vehicle tracking, individuals can easily locate their vehicles, monitor driving behavior, and receive alerts for any unusual activity.

Lease Control for car rentals

Our lease control feature is perfect for tracking a wide range of assets including cars, trucks, motorbikes, electric generators, and heavy equipment rentals and loans. It provides real-time tracking, maintenance management, sensor data reading, and excess mileage monitoring. With this powerful tool, you can effectively manage your rental fleet and improve overall efficiency.

Available on iOS , Android, Browser & Windows

The platform's compatibility across multiple devices allows for seamless integration and access to data, providing users with a comprehensive view of their fleet and assets. With Telemate, users can efficiently manage their fleet and automate asset management tasks, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Advanced Analytics, Insights & Reporting

Optimize Your Fleet Operations with Wialon In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

Customize and integrate Anything

The system is customizable and can be integrated with other systems and devices, making it suitable for all types of logistics and delivery businesses.

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